Episode 8: Wearables and Microsoft Build

Show Notes
Rob and Candice discuss how they, and Candice's mom, wear wearables, followed by a discussion of Microsoft Build. Rob proceeds to get two famous Phils mixed up.

Microsoft Build

Apple Watch


Life Sum


Moto 360

Android Wear

Moore's Law

Amazon Echo

Google Now

Apple Watch Sport

Pebble Smartstrap

Apple Pay

Nylon Apple Bands


Google I/O

Xbox One

Phil Spencer

Phil Shiller

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pen

Surface Pro 3

Linux on Windows



About your hosts

Rob Russo is an aspiring software developer, a swell guy who wants you to hear his thoughts on everything tech. He simply oozes boyish charm.

Candice Poon loves technology, productivity, and mac & cheese. She often doesn't pay attention crossing the street because she's too busy reading Twitter.

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