Episode 21: TV Tech

Show Notes New year, new TicTechTalk! Happy 2017, everyone! This year's first episode is all about television! We watch so much TV in our lives that it's impossible to imagine how our lives would be without it. Learn about new TV streaming alternatives to watch all of your favorite shows.

Shownotes can be found at: http://candicepoon.com/tictechtalk/21

TL;DLY (too long didn't listen yet)

  • AppleTV games are awesome!!
  • So much to say about home automation! Stay tuned!

About your hosts

Rob Russo is an aspiring software developer, a swell guy who wants you to hear his thoughts on everything tech. He simply oozes boyish charm.

Candice Poon loves technology, productivity, and mac & cheese. She often doesn't pay attention crossing the street because she's too busy reading Twitter.

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