Episode 20: Amazon and AI's

Show Notes
Amazon and AI's
What kind of questions do you ask your virtual assistants? Siri, Alex, Cortana? Rob and Candice discuss the emergence of artificial intelligent devices being used in normal life. Do you use any AI devices? The duo also talk about the power of Amazon and its presence in our everyday lives.
Shownotes can be found at: http://candicepoon.com/tictechtalk/20

Verge Article regarding Samsung Note 7 End Production
Amazon Prime Music
Amazon Books
Amazon Movies
Amazon Echo Dot V2 Ctrl+Walt+Delete - Siri
Google Assistant
Prime Membership

(too long didn't listen yet)

  • Air Pods are coming out soon!
  • Amazon Prime is wonderful.
  • How many times does it take Siri to understand what you're asking her?
  • What does the future look like for wearables?

About your hosts

Rob Russo is an aspiring software developer, a swell guy who wants you to hear his thoughts on everything tech. He simply oozes boyish charm.

Candice Poon loves technology, productivity, and mac & cheese. She often doesn't pay attention crossing the street because she's too busy reading Twitter.

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