This is a current list of the hardware and software I use on a regular basis. I jump between many different services and gadgets but this seems to be the stuff worth keeping around in my life. Some of the links are to affiliate pages, so please keep in mind that you are helping a broke college student. 


  • Late 2012 15' Retina MacBook Pro - My workhorse Mac. It does everything from web browsing, to programming, to video editing without any evidence of lag. 
  • AT&T gold iPhone 6 64gb- Every year before the launch of the new iPhone, and I use Android for a month. This time, the jump back to iOS was the sweetest. The iPhone 6 is my ideal smartphone. 
  • Silver iPad Mini with Retina Display 32GB - I've been dreaming about this tablet for over 2 years. The retina display is amazing and you can't beat the app selection.
  • Sony NEX 3N - I sold my Canon T2i in favor of a more portable camera. I love the 3N's flip out screen and autofocus during video mode too. 
  • Acer C720 Chromebook - I received this as a gift and hope to use it as a main writing machine. The battery life is good and the hardware is surprisingly solid. 
  • Fujitsu Scansnap 1300 - If you plan on going paperless, you need a scanner that does duplex scanning and has auto-feeding. I highly recommend the Scansnap scanners because the software works well with Evernote.
  • Klipsch Image One headphones - Good quality over the ear headphones are a must have for college students. I use these all the time to help me focus on my work when at the student union or the library. 
  • Red Pebble watch - What geek doesn't own a smart watch? 
  • Chromecast - For $35, I think everyone should have least one Chromecast. I constantly stream Netflix and Youtube to my television and it works amazingly well. 


  • Evernote - My digital brain and the reason why I'm able to function everyday. 
  • Todoist - I jump between a lot of task management systems. I've been on Todoist the longest because it's clean, functional, and is available everywhere. I even shelled out $29 for their premium service. 
  • Fantastical - Once you use Fantastical's natural language input, inputting events in any other calendar app feels barbaric. 
  • 1Password - Don't be dumb and get password management. I don't care what it is but I like 1Password for my iPhone and Mac. 
  • Sublime Text - All of my programming is done in Sublime. 
  • Drafts - I'm only starting to uncover it's true potential but Drafts lives on my iPhone home screen as a quick way to input notes into Evernote and other things. 
  • Pocket - My favorite read it later service that saves articles so I can read them comfortably with my iPad before bed. 
  • Flickr - A free terabyte storage and iOS app with auto upload makes Flickr my default photo backup and management service. 
  • StayFocused - This Google Chrome extension makes sure that I don't fail out of college by blocking Facebook after an allotted 10 minutes per day. 
  • aText - An inexpensive text expansion program for the Mac.