In Fall 2014, I worked as a marketing intern for ChannelEyes. My main responsibility was to create an informative and entertaining explainer video for the company website. I wrote the script, acquired and filmed footage, contracted a voice actor, and edited the final video using Final Cut Pro X. 

Design for America at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I am the vice president of the Design for America club here at Rensselaer applying to become an official chapter of this design organization. We have spent the last two semesters working with the city of Troy to fix the serious waste problems looming over the community. The video below documents our work from the last two semester and was submitted along with our application to the national organization. The video was shot and edited by me. 


In the spring of 2012, I took the course IHSS 1220: IT & Society. I became a team leader in charge of choosing my group members, brainstorming and writing proposals, and organizing materials for debates and presentations.

Over the course of the semester, Infinitum produced four full length proposals that utilized IT solutions to solve social issues both on a local and national level. Infinitum became the first group in the course's 10+ year history to receive the "Special Merit" for every proposal submitted. We ended the semester by winning the overall simulation. 

Proposal 1304

Proposal 1305

Proposal 1307

Final Advocacy Proposal

Sophomore Symposium

In February 2014, I was the marketing chair and one of the students leaders given the task of running the first ever professional development conference for Rensselaer sophomores. As the marketing chair, I managed a team of four others, and helped brand and market this event to the students of RPI. I designed the overall logo for the event, created adverts, managed the official website, and led a team to spread the word about a new event to benefit students. It turned out to be a great event for students, with sophomores leaving feeling more prepared for the professional world.