Life on 14th Street: A Photo Series

Selina is a junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She spent the summer exploring New York City as she interned for Quirky and lived in the FIT dorms. She returned to RPI in the fall to continue leading the RPI DFA chapter and lives with her boyfriend and best friend in their shared first floor apartment. 

This project was done for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's ARTS 2220: Fundamentals of 2D class. Over the course of the semester, I photographed Selina and the objects located in her apartment. When she first moved in, she stated that although her apartment was "run-down" and "old", she was glad that she was able to make it her home. I wanted these photographs to capture the distinct personality of her apartment.

Week 1: Top, Center, Bottom, Edge

Week 2: Gradient, Overlap, Size Change, Vertical

Week 3: Enclosed space, Open Space, Packed Space, Empty Space

Week 4: Vanishing Point, Isometric, Spatial Ambiguity, Flat

Week 5: Monumental, Light, Negative Space, Tension

Week 6: Impersonal Line, Gestural Line, Implied Line, Lines that create 3-D Surface

Week 7: Still, Moving, Stroboscopic, Temporal

Week 8: High contrast, Low contrast, Atmospheric perspective, 3 makes 4 values

Week 9: Warm palette, Cool palette, High intensity, Low intensity

Week 10: Vibrating, Same gray becomes warm and cool, Pointillist, Warm & Cool grays

Week 11: Local color, Subjective color, Warm light, Cool color

Week 12: Hierarchical, Non-Hierarchical, Harmonious, Dissonant