iPhone 11 Pro - What am I buying?


The iPhone

As part of the iPhone Upgrade Program, I am trading in my silver iPhone XS 256gb for the silver iPhone 11 Pro 256gb. I was tempted to try the forest green color but after trying out every color iPhone at this point, I know I end up enjoying silver the most.

The most exciting new feature of the iPhone 11 Pro for me is the ability to shoot wide angle shots on the front and back facing cameras. No more trying to squeeze in everyone for a group shot or selfie!

The case

With every new iPhone model, I always start with a simple clear case. This year I’m choosing the Spigen Liquid Crystal case. I will make one small note about Spgien’s clear case selection. I find that their Ultra Hybrid case makes the phone feel thicker and heavier since it is a plastic plate back fused to a TPU bumper. I prefer the one piece TPU design of the Liquid Crystal since it’s lighter and thinner but both options are great.

Screen protector

I bought the Tethys screen protectors last year for my iPhone XS and was genuinely surprised and impressed. This screen protector features a colored black bordered which makes it look more seamless than other screen protectors and has one of the best coatings I have used. The included handy alignment frame makes it easy to install on straight. For the money, these are great.

NFC tags

As part of the new automations coming to the Shortcuts app in iOS 13, I decided to get a small pack of programmable NFC tags. I plan on putting one on my night stand to trigger to my “going to bed” shortcut and one near my front door to trigger my “everything off” automation. I’m still brainstorming what other automations I can use them for.

Anker PowerCore Fusion

I love this battery pack because of its overall versatility. It has the power prongs to act as a wall charger, a 10,000 mAH capacity, and this new model has both USB C and USB A ports. It’s perfect for traveling since it can be my everyday battery pack on the go and then act as my power adapter when I’m back in my hotel room. I bought it originally because I wanted USB C charging for my iPad Pro but now, it’s going to pair really well with the new included USB C to Lightning cable.