My Everyday Carry | Fall 2018


Earlier this week, I submitted a picture of my everyday carry to and it got featured on the homepage! Let’s dive a little deeper on what I carry and why:

iPhone XS, White 256gb

With the iPhone Upgrade Program, I can pay a monthly flat rate to have the newest iPhone with AppleCare. This year, I chose the iPhone XS in white with 256gb storage. With Apple’s current storage option, I have to get the highest capacity since my photo collection is just a little too big for the 64gb. I currently use a generic clear case from Amazon but will switch out soon since it’s already begun discoloring.

Izipizi Foldable Sunglasses

This is the newest addition to the EDC and truthfully something I’m carrying less and less daily as it slowly becomes fall and winter here in Seattle. I found these sunglasses while shopping at the MoMa gift shop in SoHo NYC and quickly fell in love with the shape and portability. Being able to fold them in half drastically reduces the footprint in my purse or my jacket pocket.

Apple Airpods

These are a no-brainer. I have a 35 minute commute via bus and various work calls to take during the day which means they are either always in my left pants pocket or in my ears.

Andar Pilot

I’ve been carrying a slim wallet for almost 5 years and I love the novelty of being able to pop out my cards when I need to go pay. The beauty of the rigidity of this wallet is that I don’t have the affordance to carry anything more. I have to be intentional in the 6 cards I can carry and keep cash light which keeps the wallet as minimal as possible.

Madewell Keychain

I love this shade of leather and bought this keychain to match the satchel purse I carry from Madwell. The carabiner is convenient to clip to my backpack when I need to free up my hands and doesn’t look tactical like other carabiners.

Gerber Dime

I lost my beloved Swiss Army Midnite Manager during a security screen entering a Dua Lipa concert and am still too salty to go and buy a replacement. The Gerber Dime is definitely less refined as a pocket multi tool but I couldn’t say no when it went on sale on Amazon for $9. It does the job and doesn’t look too bad on my keychain. My only complaint is that that the paint does not age well. I’ve owned multiple and they all look pretty beat up after a few months.