Add tasks to Todoist using Drafts for iOS

Add tasks to Todoist using Drafts for iOS

Todoist has become my everyday task management app. I am really enjoying their design, their organizational layout, and their presence on nearly every platform. But one of the limitations of Todoist is the lack of quickly adding tasks outside of the iOS app. There's no current Siri integration or Drafts integration until now. I will be showing you in this post on how to add tasks to Todoist using Drafts for iOS. For this to work, you will need be a subscriber of the Todoist Premium service which is a reasonable $29 a year.

Finding your task list email address

When you subscribe to the Premium Todoist service, you get access to specific email addresses for each of your task lists. In this tutorial, I will be adding tasks to the Inbox task list that comes by default in Todoist. Open up Todoist in your web browser and navigate to your Inbox task list. Click the options icon on the top right corner of your project list and choose "email tasks to this project". Todoist will generate a customized email address. Copy down that email address since we will be using it soon.

Create a custom email action in Drafts

Open up Drafts on iOS and click on the options settings. Hit manage "Email Actions", and then hit "Add Email Action". Make sure the recipient of the email is the custom email address you copied earlier. Set the subject of the email to "First Line". That will make the first line of your draft the name of the task, while everything after will become a note of your task. Once you're done, hit save.

As a test, create a new draft with the first line as the name of you task. You should see the task show up in your specified notebook. The only limitation of this method is that there is one extra tap since you need to "send" the email. But until Todoist adds URL callbacks and opens up its API, I will using this method with Drafts for iOS.