My iPhone home screen

iPhone homescreen.PNG

I've always enjoyed seeing what people have on their iPhone home screen. Guest posts on David Spark's blog are my favorite. Today, I will highlight some of my favorite apps on my iPhone home screen.

  • Fantastical Fantastical is my calendar app of choice for Mac and iPhone because of its natural language input. Once you use it, putting events in using a different app feels slow and antiquated.

  • Yahoo Weather I just adore the design of Yahoo Weather and it provides just enough weather information without looking cluttered.

  • Drafts I've had Drafts on my home screen for a while but only recently have I begin to understand its true power. It is the fastest way for me to enter information into Evernote, append to existing notes, and add tasks to my todo list manager. I'm only scratching the surface but you need to check out Drafts if you deal with any amount of text on the iPhone.

  • Evernote My digital brain which keeps me sane every single day.

  • Todo Cloud My most recent jump in todo apps was from Wunderlist to Todo Cloud. Although I'm weary of the $20 annual subscription fee, Todo Cloud rocks in list organization, Siri input, and the reliable cloud syncing.

  • Gmail I got used to the tabbed web interface and like my labels so much that I stick with the Gmail app.

  • Pocketcasts I listen to many podcasts every week and the only app that has stuck around is Pocketcasts. It's well designed, has quick playlists, and syncs progress between iOS devices.