Making the switch to Google Play Music

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Last year, I ran out of space on my iPhone because my music collection was taking up 6.0 GB of space on my 16 GB iPhone. iTunes Wifi Sync worked sporadically and it’s bananas that you still need to manually sync music to an iOS device. As a somewhat temporary solution, I subscribed to Spotify Premium but I just made the switch to Google Play Music. Here is why:

  1. It is free to upload up to 20,000 of your own songs to Google Play Music. You can download a small utility that scans your iTunes collection and it automatically uploads your songs to Google Play Music. No matter what device you are on, you can login to Google Play Music and access your collection without having to manually sync. Should I mention again that this service is free?

  2. The iOS Google Play Music app was officially released allowing iOS users to access, stream, and download their local files. They have even added a "I'm Feeling Lucky" playlist feature that will search your library and create a playlist of similar music. It works well and keeps the music feeling fresh.

By having the Google Play Music, I can stream my whole music collection and selectively choose to cache certain songs without having to connect my iPhone to my computer or pay $25 a year for iTunes Match.

Google Play Music on your Mac

One nuisance I have with Google Play Music is that there is no native desktop app. Whenever I accidentally close Chrome, my music stops playing. I alleviated this problem by downloading an app called Fluid. Fluid takes any website you visit and creates a desktop application for it. Too many times have I quit Chrome only to realize that I still wanted Gmail and Google Play Music to remain open.

Google Play Music in my dock.

Google Play Music in my dock.

Open Fluid and put in the URL you are presented with when you visit Google Play Music on your browser. If you really want to get serious about Fluid, you can find a high resolution Google Play Music icon here.

By moving my music collection to the cloud, I have alleviated my local storage woes all while not having to pay some type of subscription fee